FadeMaster Clipper

Perfect precision and control

FadeMaster is a powerful and durable hair clipper for no-compromise and cutting-edge trimming and tapering. FadeMaster features a durable titanium coated blade that stays sharp and gives you sublime precision. Thanks to the patented SmartChip technology, it automatically turns up the speed when needed. The clipper offers five length settings and comes with two combs for unlimited cutting and styling options. It is also the optimum tool for fading and tapering in both men’s and women’s hair.

Extra practical

Thanks to an advanced technology, the FadeMaster’s blade is constantly cooled down to prevent burning. The Lithium powered battery lasts three times longer than traditional batteries, and the practical LCD-display indicates the current speed as well as the remaining battery time. The rotary magnetic motor is extra powerful and gives you many years of service.


  • Five speed settings
  • Two combs
  • Durable titanium blade for perfect precision
  • LCD-display
  • Speed-adjusting SmartChip technology
  • Lithium powered battery for fast charging and prolonged use
  • Powerful yet quit motor
  • Excellent for tapering and fading

Photo: The Naftasquad