ROD VS1 was our first curling iron and remains one of our most popular. Thanks to its unique spiral shape it is the perfect versatile tool to create a variety of curls. The rod has a 13 to 19 mm. barrel that can create both small, doll-like curls and bigger Hollywood waves.

Like all of our rods, the VS1 has a ceramic Teflon-coating with tourmaline which seals cuticles, protects your hair from damage and prevents it from sticking to the rod – even if it is packed with hair spray. With a long and soft fabric cord you’ll experience full flexibility, and the temperature range of 120 to 200° C allows you to choose the heat setting that suits your hair.


  • Temperature range from 120-200° C
  • Three-metre fabric cord
  • Ergonomic design
  • Ceramic coating with tourmaline
  • 2-year warranty