We know; it looks a little funny, but the strange shape is actually part of the whole secret behind the ROD VS10. Wrap your hair around the specially designed rod to amp up your hair with bouncy, playful and lively curls.

Like all of our rods, the VS10 has a ceramic Teflon-coating with tourmaline which seals cuticles, protects your hair from damage and prevents it from sticking to the rod – even if it is packed with hair spray. With a long and soft fabric cord you’ll experience full flexibility, and the temperature range of 120 to 200° C allows you to choose the heat setting that suits your hair.

Photo: The Naftasquad


  • Temperature range from 120-230° C
  • Three-metre fabric cord
  • Ergonomic design
  • Ceramic coating with tourmaline
  • 2-year warranty